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Nanotechnology & You

There is no firmly established definition of nanotechnology but this extremely diverse field could simply be described as the science of the extraordinarily small. A human hair is 80,000 nanometers wide and nanomaterials are commonly accepted to reside in the 100 nanometer or smaller range. In short, nanotechnology operates at the atomic and molecular levels.


Is This COOL, or What?

Conspiracy theorists have been telling us for years that global elitists are plotting to merge Canada, the US and Mexico into a North American Union. I’ve now come across conclusive evidence to back up their claims.

I was shopping at the local market the other day and picked up a cube steak for lunch. The […]

Taking On The BPA Lobby

If the recent controversy over BPA has your head spinning, consider taking the time to read The Real Story Behind Bisphenol A by David Case. It’s the most comprehensive article on BPA and the monied interests surrounding it I’ve come across to date. Case makes the case (sorry) that the BPA debate is not entirely […]

Welcome to Toxilogic

At Toxilogic we’ll focus on expanding our awareness of, and coping with, the multitude of toxins we are all exposed to our daily lives — whether in our food supply, consumer products or the environment. How the issue of toxicity relates to children will be of particular interest.

We realize that living in a modern […]