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A Safer Glass Tumbler For Kids

Silikids Siliskin Glass TumblerThe next best thing to a glass sippy cup, Silikids most recent product is the Siliskin Glass Cup. This little 6oz tumbler is the perfect transitional tool from a regular sippy cup to a normal cup. The glass cup is a great size and the 100% food grade silicone cover makes the cup less likely to break and, provides a better grip for little hands.

We’re frequently asked why nobody makes a glass sippy cup and the answer is that very young toddlers like throwing things, especially when those things make a loud crashing noise on impact, creating an obvious safety issue. But once kids get old enough to consider drinking from a real cup they’re usually past the tossing-things-for-fun stage making the Silikids glass a nice alternative to standard glass cups.

Our daughter who is a rather opinionated 4 year old liked the colors, aqua and lime, and thought that the holes on the silicone sleeve where cool. She also liked that she was drinking from a big girl glass cup.

Of course, there will be spills and more messes to clean up than a regular sippy cup, but the comfort that I have knowing my child is drinking from a glass cup free of BPA and other chemicals, instead of plastic, makes that worth the while.

You can purchase the Silikids Siliskin Glass Tumber at The Glass Baby Bottle.

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