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President’s Cancer Panel: Stronger Regulation of Chemicals Needed

The President’s Cancer Panel released a report last week that really goes beyond what many in the medical establishment have been willing to come right out and say heretofore. Strongly advocating for better regulation of environmental chemicals in the water, air and food supply the panel states that Americans face "grievous harm" and  that the role of chemicals and pollutants as a cause of cancer has been "grossly underestimated."

Except plenty of blowback on this one. The scientific and political establishment has been challenged.

But that’s not all. The report takes aim at the dangers of chemical exposure during pregnancy by noting the 300 contaminants that have been found in umbilical cord blood and bluntly state: "to a disturbing extent, babies are born ‘pre-polluted.’ " Needless to say, the soon-to-be-born are at particular risk due to their physical size and developmental rate.

This is a big deal and we certainly hope you will be hearing a lot more about it in the coming weeks and months. We’ve talked about the lack of regulation of the chemical industry in this blog on several occasions (here, here and here), so we’re glad to see the issue receiving the light-of-day treatment it so richly deserves.

Suggestions from the 240-page report include:

  • choose organic foods when possible
  • microwave in glass and ceramic containers rather than glass
  • check your home for radon
  • filter your drinking water
  • avoid well-done meats
  • overhaul existing chemical legistation

Did you know asbestos has not been banned in the US? I thought it had. Not so. That’s in the report too.

More info here and here.

1 comment to President’s Cancer Panel: Stronger Regulation of Chemicals Needed

  • Julie

    I am so relieved to hear that someone– anyone — in the government is looking at this issue. We have an actual PLAGUE of auto-immune disorders in this country, including cancer, but also diabetes, heart disease, MS, asthma, autism, allergies, obesity, ALS, and others. When I got pregnant and went to diligently eliminate as many chemicals as I could from my reality, it was eye opening, to say the least. I had to stop using most all personal care products and makeup in my medicine cabinet (most of which I don’t actually miss, it turns out), change cleaning products to non-toxics like vinegar, eat in and cook for most meals, buy glass wear and cast iron to replace plastics and Teflon, stop medicating for anything, become militant about people smoking near me and smokers being near me with 3rd hand smoke, stop pumping gas or doing any light maintenance on my car, and the list goes on. BIG lifestyle changes. And the baby registry was a nightmare. Toxic chemicals are literally LEGISLATED into baby products! Thank God I don’t live in NJ where they legally mandate a vaccine schedule — stuff I’m not pumping into my child until her immune system is mature. Basically, I tried to duplicate what my dear grandmother (b. 1914) would have done. It has not been easy, but my baby is a year old and very healthy!

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