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Pretty Pushers Stylish Birthing Gowns

Pretty Pushers Birthing GownLet’s face it, having to put on one of those starchy hospital gowns to deliver your baby, is less than thrilling. For my hospital birth my husband and I arrived at the hospital eager and ready to go.  I was assigned my birthing room and handed one of those pale pinkish blue hospital gowns with the ties and was instructed to put it on.  I have not spent much time in a hospital, so I took one look at this ugly thing and decided that the ties must go in the front, because that is where the baby was.  When the nurse came back into our room she got a good laugh and told me my gown was on backwards.  At the given moment, I did not find it so amusing.

If Pretty Pushers birthing gowns had been around when I gave birth, I hands down would have bought one.

These birthing gowns are designed to meet all of your birthing needs. If you have to have an epidural, to help relieve some of the pain, the back of the gown has a low cut V design allowing plenty of access to your back. Plus the halter style makes breastfeeding your new born baby a snap! Trust me it is no fun in the regular hospital gowns.

Pretty Pusher Diagram

Pretty Pushers Green GownThe gown can then be easily disposed of.  For those of you that might be wondering about how eco-conscious it is to throw a gown away.  Keep in mind that the regular hospital gowns are washed in extremely harsh chemicals that then enter our environment.  So giving your birthing gown a toss when it is no longer needed seems pretty legitimate in my mind.

What do you think?  Would you wear a Pretty Pushers for your next hospital birth?

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