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Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Baby and Sippy Bottles

So you have decided to stay clear of any plastic baby and sippy bottles, and now you are on the hunt for the best safe baby feeding products, and your not sure which route to go. The most common reason parents call us is for advice on which brand of glass or stainless steel bottle they should choose.

In general I tend to lead parents to a hybrid style bottle that will grow with their child. In other words a baby bottle that can then easily also be used as a sippy bottle. For glass I usually steer parents to the Lifefactory glass bottles (I will write more about Lifefactory soon). And for a stainless steel hybrid bottle Pura is the way to go.

Pura designed their line of baby and toddler bottles with a few simple concepts in mind, no plastic components and a versatile style opening that allows you to choose from a large selection of nipples and sippy spouts that are compatible with the bottle. Why is this so important? Can’t I just buy the Pura brand of nipples? Yes you can, but as a lot of parents find out over time, your baby or toddler may tend to prefer on brand of nipple or sippy spouts over another. So instead of having to spend your money and time looking for a perfect fit, Pura makes it easy.

Pura bottles come in either a 5oz. or 11oz baby bottle size or an 11oz. sippy size. Now there are even some fun sealing disks which can turn the bottle into a great storage container for snacks while on the go. Below is a chart of all of the nipple and sippy tops that are compatible with the Pura bottles.

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