Flower of Life Cream GIVEAWAY!

Flower of Life Cream Giveaway

Lets face it, for us busy moms there is little time to pamper yourself on a daily basis. I am lucky some days to have a couple of “alone” minutes in the bathroom, before the kids discover where I have escaped to. With these types of time restraints, I have narrowed down my beauty regimen to several core products that are so luxurious they leave me feeling like I have ever so briefly managed to escape to the spa.

I am on a constant hunt to find natural products that contain little to no added chemicals, which can be rather challenging. Luckily for me my friend is The Spa Herbalist. Robin aka The Spa Herbalist infuses all natural herbs, rare fruit oils and hydrosols to create my favorite beauty product, the Flower of Life Cream. In the morning and evening I sneak away and indulge my skin, especially my face and neck in this rich satin cream.

The Flower of Life cream is sold in a 4oz frosted glass jar, and contains all natural ingredients, including Neroli Hydrosol, Mango Butter, Coconut , Apricot and Plum Kernell Oils and Rose Lotus. Head over to the website to get the full scoop.

Now for the best part. The Spa Herbalist is offering Glass Baby Bottle customers a chance to win a 4oz jar of Flower of Life cream. To enter just leave a comment below about what part of your beauty routine you wish you had more time for. Winner will be chosen at random on Monday December 9th.

Congratulations to Claudia, you have won a 4oz jar of Flower of Life cream from The Spa Herbalist.

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