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About Kids-a-Roni!

Kids-a-Roni! will focus on expanding our awareness of the multitude of toxins we are all exposed to our daily lives as citizens of modern society — whether in our food supply, consumer products or the environment. We will talk about not just chemical toxicity but nanotechnology, genetically modified food and any other topic that may come along that generates concern for human and environmental health. How these issues relate to children will be of particular interest.

And we’ll strive to do it with a common sense approach.

It often boils down to a matter of degree. Vitamin C is perhaps the least toxic substance known to man, but too much of it can be harmful. Likewise, too much sun can lead to skin cancer — but too little can result in Vitamin D deficiency. Somewhere along the line there is a balance to be had, and it’s that balance, that applies-to-the-real-world approach, we’ll be looking for.

While this blog hopes to present much in the way of creating healthier kids, it will be more about the population as a whole. For it’s the parents and other role models, and the example they set, that will have the greatest impact on the lifestyle choices our children ultimately make. That is, after all, the goal of having healthy kids…that they grow up to be strong, healthy and happy adults.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers and will be learning, along with you, as we go. We hope you’ll read, participate and contribute that we all may find ourselves on the path to healthier, disease free, living.