Truly Helpful Information

Plastic Microbeads in Your Toothpaste?
What will they think of next?

What Chemical & Plastic Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know
5 chemicals regulated, 22,000 approved...

Organic Cloth Diapering Buying Guide
Organic cloth diapering demystified.

Safe vs. Unsafe Plastics Chart
A simple chart displaying safe vs known-to-be-dangerous plastics.

Baby Bottle/Nipple Compatability
Which baby bottle nipples can be used with which baby bottles.

Baby Bottles That Can Grow With Your Child
Which baby bottles can be converted into sippy cups (and save you money).

Chemicals Not Always Tested For Safety
U.S. law does not require manufacturers to test chemicals to make sure they are safe for humans, including babies.

What is BPA (and should I be concerned)?
A brief introduction to the BPA controversy.