Bamboobies Boobease Natural Nipple Balm - 1 oz

Bamboobies Boobease Natural Nipple Balm - 1 oz

Bamboobies Boobease Natural Nipple Balm - 1 oz

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  • Boob-ease is the PERFECT solution for pain and cracked nipples caused by breastfeeding
  • This 100% ORGANIC formulation SOOTHES, PROTECTS, and MOISTURIZES dramatically increasing your comfort during and after nursing
  • 5 Simple Ingredients - Contains NO LANOLIN (which can contain pesticides) and is 100% SAFE FOR INGESTION by your baby - No need to wash off prior to breastfeeding!
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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Amazon Product Description

<p>Boob-ease Natural Nipple Balm by Bamboobies </p><p> New mothers often suffer from sore and cracked nipples in the first few weeks. Protect yourself and your newborn with a non-toxic, certified organic nipple balm. Its all natural ingredients help keep nipples feeling soft, supple, and healthy and it will help prevent or heal cracking and pain caused from breastfeeding. </p><p>100% Organic</p><p> Boob-ease has 100% USDA certified organic ingredients and contains NO LANOLIN, which is known to contain pesticides. THESE INGREDIENTS ARE SAFE for you, and for your child, even children with allergies or eczema. </p><p>Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil*, beeswax*, shea butter*, marshmallow root*, calendula flower* * Certified Organic by USDA and Oregon Tilth </p><p> Size: 1 oz </p><p>Bamboobies nursing pads and other nursing aids have been created with love from one mother to many others. Bamboobies began as a solution to a personal problem: I was very 'leaky' and couldn't find a pad that didn't leak or show through my shirt. It was in 2009 when the funny name "Bamboobies" popped into my head after I turned a square of bamboo velour fabric into a makeshift pad. I had an entrepreneurial business background, a creative urge, and a sense of mission that couldn't be stopped. </p><p>What began as a singular idea has quickly blossomed. After creating original and overnight Bamboobies nursing pads, I began to address other pregnancy and new mother challenges. My company has since continued to grow and we are dedicated to improving mother and baby's health, and minimizing environmental impact, and we thank you for supporting us in this.</p>

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  • Brand: Bamboobies
  • Size: 1 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Bamboobies
  • Model #: NIP
  • UPC #: 533600016985
  • TGBB Code: BAMBOOBIES-Natural-Nipple-Cream
  • ASIN: B007TIM8A6
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