Green Tones / Poppa Bear Glockenspiel with Mallet

Green Tones / Poppa Bear Glockenspiel with Mallet

Green Tones / Poppa Bear Glockenspiel with Mallet

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  • Papa Bear glockenspiel with wooden mallet features a streamlined, child-friendly design; a wonderful introduction to music!
  • The five precision tuned bars are arranged in a C pentatonic scale to provide a pleasing soundscape no matter which notes are played in what order
  • Ergonomically designed body makes playing easy
  • Multi-ply steam-bent wood base is crafted from chemical free mango wood with a non-toxic, clear-coat finish over German-made, VOC free water-based paint
  • In an attractive frustration free box perfect for giving; for ages 2 years and older

Amazon Product Description

This 13" Rubber wood bear design features a resonator chamber which enhances bar (bear;) sustain. It carries five precision tuned bars in C pentatonic scale that creates a pleasing soundscape no matter which notes are played. Special Arm design prevents the removal of the bars making it safer for toddlers. The attractive design also includes a wood mallet. Scientific studies show that music is not only fun but beneficial for critical cognitive development in children. Imagine a thick forest with no clear pathways through it - this is like the developing brain of a child. Now visualize the pathway being forged, neurologically, every time you musically interact with your child. The "music channel" is similar to the "language channel" in the sense that it needs to be stimulated and used every day in order for it to grow and be strong. As one of the oldest professional musical instrument companies, we believe that every day is a good day for music play. At Green Tones we are passionate about providing a musical foundation with a focus on incorporating the highest quality eco-friendly woods that are sustainably produced, beautiful to see and feel and safe for your child. From sustainable products to sustainable packaging to giving 1% of our profits to groups caring for the environment, we are committed to doing the right thing for you, your child and the planet our children will inherit. Green Tones is owned by KHS America, a large professional musical instrument company encompassing school music instruments through professional . As part of a company with such a long-standing tradition of musical excellence, Green Tones maintains the heritage of encouraging active music making through the use of engaging, safe, high-quality child-centered instruments.

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  • Brand: Green Tones
  • Size: -inch
  • Manufacturer: Green Tones
  • Model #: 3715
  • UPC #: 048667351486
  • TGBB Code: GREEN-TONES-Wooden-Bear-Glockenspiel
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