Silikids Siliskin Glass Sippy Cup, Tart, 12 Months

Silikids Siliskin Glass Sippy Cup, Tart, 12 Months

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Silikids Siliskin Glass Sippy Cup, Tart, 12 Months

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Silikids Glass Sippy Cup

Includes: Qty 1 Glass Sippy Cup 8oz

• Silitop and Siliskin Glass come together as one • Combined with the Siliskin Glass, the glass is completely encased and protected • Silicone top stretches over and covers the top of a glass • Silicone grips glass and air suction keeps top in place • Dishwasher safe • Can be boiled to sterilize

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The siliskin glass sippy cup is a new take on sippy cups. Safety and beautiful design have come together at last. Where form meets function, the innovative design makes the siliskin sippy a breeze to use, and it's not plastic. Unlike plastics, glass does not absorb odors or mold, making it the cleanest option for kids to drink from. The siliskin sippy is an 8 ounce glass cup encased in a heavy-duty shock absorbing silicone sleeve (a siliskin), giving added protection to the glass inside. The silicone top stretches over and grips the top of the glass while air suction keeps the top in place preventing spills and leaks. The unique sippy top is also designed without unnecessary valves or cumbersome pieces. The sippy top has no hidden crevices that are hard to reach where gunk and bacteria hide. The design allows for easy cleaning and care. Please note, this item is glass and can break

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  • Brand: Silikids
  • Size: 24 Months
  • Manufacturer: Silikids, Inc.
  • Model #: SKSIP01
  • UPC #: 689466066630
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