Sippy cups are the perfect transition from bottle or breast to a regular kid cup. Sippy cups are made from glass or stainless steel, soft silicone spout or hard BPA-free spout.

What age should I switch from bottle or breast to sippy cups? Most babies are ready to use a sippy cup when their motor skills are somewhat developed and they can hold items with ease. As a rule of thumb babies tend to use sippy cups from around 6 months to 12 months.

Transition to a Sippy Cup Tips::Some babies will have an easer time making the switch to a sippy cup that has a soft, nipple like, spout rather than a hard spout. Sippy cups with easy to grip handles are also another favorite among babies making the switch to a sippy cup. After your baby is comforatable with a sippy and a bit older, taking a sippy with a hard spout of even a straw bottle sippy should come naturally.

What size Sippy Cup should I get?. Sippy cups are often on the smaller side holding 4 to 8 oz of fluid. The smaller the cup the lighter it will be for your baby.

A word of caution about leak Proof sippy cups, while they are a great invention as far as avoiding spills, they can make "sippying" very difficult for your child and the extra suction needed to suck the fluid out of the sippy cup can result in ear infections.


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