Everything you need to know for your next nap mat purchase including size, thickness and material

The nap mats in the chart below are all-in-one nap mats, in other words they include a padded underside and attached blanket and most come with a pillow or pillow case.

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SoHo Nap Mats

2" 50L x 20W


Yes Removeable Yes No Handle No Rolls Up w/ Fastening Straps $35 Amazon  
Organic Designs Nap Mats n/a 52L x 19W Organic Fabric & Batting Yes Removeable Yes No Handle No

Rolls Up w/ Velcro Straps

$149-158 Amazon  
Mind In Sync Aquatopia Nap Mat 1/2" 46L x 19W 100% Polyester Memory Foam

Yes Removeable

Yes No Carry Strap No Rolls Up Snap Closure $30-40 Amazon  
My First Mattress Nap Mat 1" 41L x 21W Microfiber Cover Memory Foam Yes, Not Removale Yes No Handle No Rolls Up Velcro Closure $40 Amazon  
Wildkin Olive Garden Nap Mat 2" 50L x 20W Cotton/Polyester

Yes Removeable

Yes No Handle Yes Rolls Up Velcro Closure $35-60 Amazon  
Lambs & Ivy Nap Mat 1/3" 46L x 22W Cotton/Polyester Yes, Not Removeable Yes No Handle No

Rolls Up Velcro Closure

$25 Amazon  
Baby Boom Nap Mat 1/3" 46L x 21W 100% Polyester Yes, Not Removeable Yes No Handle No Rolls Up Velcro Closure $20 Amazon  
Elonk Nicole Nap Mat 1-1 1/2" 48L x 21W Cotton/ Chinelle Yes, Not Removeable Yes No Handle No

Rolls Up Velcor Closure

$75 Amazon  
Janiebee Nap Mat 2" 53L x 21W Cotton/Poly Batting/Minky Yes, Removeable Yes Yes Carry Strap Yes Rolls Up Tie Closure $79-120 Etsy  
Stephen Joseph Nap Mat 3/4" 43L x 24W Polyester Yes, Removeable Yes No Back Straps Yes Rolls Up $40-50 Amazon  
Ozark Mountian Kids Nap Mat 2 1/2" 50L x 21W Cotton/Polyester Yes, Not Removeable Yes No Shoulder Strap No Rolls Up Velcro Straps $69.95 Amazon Thickest Nap Mat
Sewn Natural Nap Mats 3/4" 46L x 19W Organic Cotton No Pillow Yes Yes No No Folds Up Tie Closure $129.00 Etsy  
TinyTweets Nap Mats 3/4" 45L x 21W Cotton/Polyester Pillow Case included, pillow not provided Yes No Handle No Folds Up $95 Etsy  
Creative Cuddles Nap Mats 1" 50L x 21W Cotton/Polyester Yes, Not Removeable Yes Yes Carry Strap No Rolls Up Botton Straps $54 Etsy  
AwesomeBebe Nap Mats 1/2" 45L x 31 W Cotton Yes, Removeable Yes Yes Handle No Folds Up $95 Etsy  
JJ Cole Nap Mat 1" 46L x 21W Cotton/Polyester Yes, Removeable Yes No Handle Yes Rolls Up $35-45 Amazon  

Be sure to check with your daycare or preschool prior to purchasing your child's nap mat. Requirements vary greatly by school. Some may require that the nap mat is able to roll up so that it can fit into a cubby, while other schools may require the nap mat to be at least 2" thick. If your child's school requires a vinyl nap mat we have suggestions about those below as well.

Here are our favorite nap mats in the following categories:


It is interesting to note that the thickness of nap mats range from 1/3" to 2 1/2", the later providing superior comfort for your child. Hands down the Ozark Mountain Kids nap mat is the thickest at 2 1/2",  made of a cotton/poly blend and also one of the largest in overall size.


When considering materials we have found the nap mats composed of 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester blend provide the greatest warmth and comfort. Our favorite is the Wildkin Nap Mat which our daughter used for 3 years. It is comfortable, durable and comes in a large variety of prints.

Some nap mats made of 100% polyester tend to be thin, not as warm and even a bit noisy when the child tosses or turns.  Also it seems that many nap mats that are 100% polyester are treated with flame retardant chemicals which can leach into your child's skin.  Another newer option is a memory foam style mat.  Foams like vinyl are known to off-gas. If you are looking at a memory foam nap mat for your child we recommend My First Mattress which has been 3rd party tested by CertiPUR-US which tests products for off-gassing to make sure they fall into an acceptable range.


Another consideration is the overall size of the nap mat since your child may use the nap mat for several years, from daycare and preschool to stays at grandparents house and short overnight trips. Janiebee nap mats are the largest at 53" long and 21" wide, and they are 2" thick.  I cannot say enough about Janiebee nap mats, they are crazy cute, personalizable, handmade in the USA, and Rene the owner of Janiebee is an absolute gem.

Machine Washable:

Every all-in-one nap mat listed in the chart is machine washable. Keep in mind that if the pillow is not removable you may be looking at a longer dryer time than for the removable options. If you are using a vinyl nap mat they are designed to be wiped down after use.

Vinyl Nap Mats

In general we prefer the all-in-one nap mats below compared to the vinyl nap mats used by many facilities. Vinyl nap mats are known for off-gassing chemicals, which is not exactly something you want your child sleeping on.  If your school requires a vinyl nap mat we highly recommend Angeles Rest Germ Free 2" nap mat, it is one of few nap mats with a Greengaurd certification.  From the Angeles Rest website:

Angeles® Corporation received certification issued by the GREENGUARD® Environmental Institute which certifies products and materials for low chemical emissions for indoor environments. All GREENGUARD® certified products must meet stringent standards, and for products intended for use in classrooms or daycares, the GREENGUARD Children & SchoolsSM Certification Program requires even stricter certification criteria.

Vinyl Nap Mat Cover Options

In addition to a vinyl nap mat like Angeles Rest, you can purchase a nap mat cover that can be slipped over the mat and provide additional comfort.  Also these types of covers stay in place as they are slipped onto the vinyl mat.

Here are a few of our favorite options:

Urban Infant

Nap Sac by Rollee Pollee

We've made very effort to insure the accuracy of this information, however manufacturers may make changes at any time without notice. If you find any inaccuracies please let us know.