Apple Park Critter Teething Toy, Birdie

Apple Park Critter Teething Toy, Birdie

Apple Park Critter Teething Toy, Birdie

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  • Apple Park's Crawling Critter Teething Toy, Birdie helps soothe your baby's sore gums, and it's fun to play with, too
  • The stretchy fabric cord has a soft-stuffed blue bird on one end and a smooth, safe rubberwood teething ring on the other
  • Pull the cord, let go, and watch your baby have fun chasing the bee as it ''crawls'' away
  • Winner of Dr. Toy's Best Green Product Award, Best Vacation Product Award, and Best Bay Area Toy Company Award
  • Safe for children, better for the environment, and always beautifully green, that's the Apple Park Promise

Amazon Product Description

These crawling critters are anything but creepy. Pull the rubber wood ring and the cute critter crawls up the branch towards the silk leaf. Made out of soft 100% organic cotton and filled with corn fiber, these critters will be as entertaining as they are soothing to a baby's gums.

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  • Brand: Apple Park
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  • Manufacturer: Apple Park
  • Model #: TM165
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  • TGBB Code: Apple-Park-Critter-Teething-Toy-Birdie
  • ASIN: B009EIO5NM
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