Bottle Pets - Buck

Polyester Baby Bottle Cover
Bottle Pets - Buck

Bottle Pets - Buck

Polyester Baby Bottle Cover
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  • Our original, fully patented plush baby bottle covers offer a playful and unique twist on bottle-feeding by fusing two things babies love: toys and milk
  • Helps babies bottle feed by giving them something soft to grip
  • Fits around most sized baby bottles, insulates the liquid inside the bottle, 100% machine washable
  • Easy clean up - 100% machine washable
  • Makes a fantastic baby shower or first birthday gift

Our Take

Our favorite "safe" feature of Bottle Pets is that they do not spray/treat any products with nasty flame retardants. How awesome is that!

Amazon Product Description

When baby makes three (or more!), there's one necessity that moms stock: baby bottles. Even moms who exclusively breastfeed usually have a few on hand to help with midnight-feedings. Baby bottles may consist of a clear, smooth plastic cylinder or be constructed of a lightweight glass, but a bottle is usually a bottle. And while there is nothing wrong with getting the job done, why not make mealtimes a little more enjoyable? Bottle Pets, developed by two mompreneurs who wanted to make feeding time fun, bring together two things that babies love: milk and toys. They also bring together what families crave: convenience and peace of mind. Bottle Pets are baby bottle covers and stuffed animals in one that offer a unique and playful twist on bottle-feeding. They help babies bottle-feed by giving them something soft to hold. With an entire line of engaging pets, moms and babies are sure to be enchanted by these lovable characters.

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