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Looking for a super trim cover to go over fitteds or prefolds? Now you can buy the highly acclaimed GroVia Shell by itself.

Includes: Qty 1, GroVia Diaper Shell, Snap

The popular GroVia Shell WITHOUT Soaker Pad or Booster. These are the perfect, trim cover over trifolded prefolds and most fitted diapers.

How does the GroVia System Work:GroVia is designed so that the outer shells may be used for multiple diaper changes. If the soaker pad is wet, simply snap in a fresh one and you are ready to go. If the shell is wet, allow it to air dry and use for the next diaper change. When your GroVia Shell is soiled or very saturated, start fresh with a new GroVia Shell. Most GroVia System users will find that using 2-4 GroVia Shells are enough per day, although newborn babies may need more.

How does the One-Size GroVia Feature Work: GroVia will fit MOST babies from 8-35 lbs. The GroVia Shell features three sets of rise snaps that adjust to fit your baby. The unique one-size Organic Soaker Pad fits from 8-35 lbs as well.

  • 1st :: Newborn/Small Infant Setting: Snap your GroVia Shell rise snaps on the lowest setting. Snap your soaker pad into the shell and simply flip the front of the soaker pad in towards baby. Fastened diaper on baby.
  • 2nd :: Infant Setting: Snap your GroVia Shell rise snaps on the middle setting. Snap your soaker pad into the shell. Tuck the front of your soaker pad down, while pulling the front panel up and fasten on baby.
  • 3rd :: Toddler Setting: Leave your GroVia Shell rise snaps unsnapped. Snap your soaker pad into the shell and fasten on baby

GroVia Sizing

Wash and Care Instructions:First and foremost it is important to wash and dry your Organic Cotton Soaker Pads at least 3-5 times prior to use. They will not be fully absorbent for up to 10 washes.

On Laundry Days: * Your GroVia Shell and Soaker Pads can be washed together on warm with � the recommend amount of detergent * A second rinse will leave your diaper squeaky clean * While your GroVia Shells can be tumbled dry, we HIGHLY recommend line drying your shells. They will dry in less than two hours and will stay nice longer * GroVia Organic Soaker Pads can be tumbled dried **Avoid using whiteners, bleach, vinegar, enzyme cleaners and fabric softeners which are not your diaper�s friends and will void all warranties.

Organic Soaker Pads (available here)

GroVia Open Hybrid Diaper Shell with BioSoaker

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