Maple Teether Pair - Made in USA

Maple Teether Pair - Made in USA

Maple Teether Pair - Made in USA

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  • Crafted in Vermont from sustainably harvested rock maple.
  • Sanded smooth for little mouths and hands.
  • No chemical finishes.
  • Sold in a pair of two shapes.
  • Shrink wrapped for hygiene.

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Before there was plastic teethers, there was wood. Durable and attractive, wooden teethers are great for the baby. No finishes or chemical coatings - a totally organic teether. Sold in a pair. Product Care Instructions: The teether may be used as is, or you may chose to apply a non-spoiling, food-grade oil for additional protection. Wash by wiping with warm soapy water. Do NOT soak wood products in water or put in dishwasher as they may dry unevenly, causing the wood to be rough and even crack.

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  • Brand: Maple Landmark
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  • Manufacturer: Maple Landmark
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  • UPC #: 679952722010
  • TGBB Code: Maple-Landmark-Maple-Teethers
  • ASIN: B0029X4AH0
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