miYim Mickey Mouse Plush, Grey

miYim Mickey Mouse Plush, Grey

miYim Mickey Mouse Plush, Grey

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  • Made from organic cotton
  • Embroidered details
  • Chime inside to entertain and soothe
  • 11 inches tall

Amazon Product Description

This beautifully made organic cotton Disney Baby plush toy is the ultimate in safety and softness for baby. Mickey Mouse features organic cotton and recycled fiber filling, with embroidered details and a chime inside to entertain and soothe. Measures 11 inches tall. From the makers of miYim and My Natural brands.

Product Details

  • Brand: miYim
  • Size:
  • Manufacturer: Greenpoint Brands LLC
  • Model #: 42501
  • UPC #: 084828425016
  • TGBB Code: MiYim-Organic-Plush-Toy-Mickey-Mouse
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