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Includes: Qty 1, Naturokits First Aid Mini Kit

Small and simple, it contains the three naturopathic remedies that we consider to be the bare bones essentials for a natural first aid kit. The remedies in the First Aid MiniKit cover situations such as intestinal upset, injuries with bruising, and acute skin conditions. The “Mini” is a great and affordable introduction to naturopathic first aid, which will make learning several new natural remedies at one time easy and manageable.

The First Aid MiniKit Includes:

  • Activated Charcoal : Natural remedy for intestinal upset and discomfort such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, and gas. Acts to bind toxins and prevent their absorption.
  • Arnica 30c : Homeopathic remedy for bruising and muscle soreness.
  • Wild Weed Salve: Herbal remedy for soothing itchy skin, chapped skin (including diaper rash), minor cuts and scrapes. Applied topically.
  • Full instructions for use
  • An attractive cotton gift bag
  • A detailed description of each remedy
  • An alphabetical list of conditions - quick and easy to reference when you’re in a hurry

These holistic remedies can be safely used with children over one year of age to adults.  For children under one year of age, consult with a healthcare practitioner. Even pets respond very well to naturopathic remedies. Our First Aid MiniKit has been created to give you the confidence, resources, information, and tools that you need to manage minor injuries on your own and to use in the case of emergencies while appropriate medical care is being sought.

Note: Our First Aid MiniKit does NOT include supplies typically found in conventional first aid kits such as bandages, tape, gauze, etc. Our bags have additional room to accommodate a few of these items if you choose to add them.

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