Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer

Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer

Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer

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  • The only cloth wipes warmer on the market
  • Micropore pillow , Cubage - 413.4375
  • 100% Rayon derived from bamboo
  • More absorbent than cotton
  • No dyes or bleaches

Amazon Product Description

Specially designed for use with Warmies reusable cloth wipes. The Warmies reusable cloth wipes-the environmentally conscious way to wipe. A new three part heating system and specially designed micropore pillow helps keep cloth wipes warm, moist, fresh and reafy for all of Baby's delicate needs. Using reusable wipes for your baby keeps tons of trash out of landfills annually, making Warmies (R) the environmentally conscious decision.

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  • Brand: Prince Lionheart
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  • Manufacturer: Prince Lionheart
  • Model #: 9001
  • UPC #: 763529308773
  • TGBB Code: Prince-Lionheart-Warmies-Reusable-Wipes-Warmer
  • ASIN: B001QIN6ME
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