Toofeze Silicone Baby Cooling Teether Toy in Green; BPA Free for Soothing Teething Baby

Toofeze Silicone Baby Cooling Teether Toy in Green; BPA Free for Soothing Teething Baby

Toofeze Silicone Baby Cooling Teether Toy in Green; BPA Free for Soothing Teething Baby

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  • Looking for a standard teether? Toofeze has won 10 top industry awards and is approved for all infant developmental abilities because of its functional design and high quality exceeding your standards
  • SOOTHING - Cool stainless steel disk reduces gum inflammation fast and works for all teeth from infant incisors through toddler molars. Reflective disk also encourages self-recognition and admiration
  • SAFE - All natural, organic, BPA-, latex-, and Phthalate-free, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, no toxic leaky liquids or mold, and no choking hazards ensuring baby is safe and healthy
  • CONVENIENT - Cools quickly and easily in the refrigerator or in a glass of ice water to ease babies sore gums quickly. Also dishwasher safe
  • FUNCTIONAL - Handle has smooth surface for firm and even pressure and also has a secondary textured surface for gum massage promoting healthy new teeth and gums. Handle is also never too cold to hold

Amazon Product Description

<P>Coolest baby teether ever! What makes Toofeze so Cool? Toofeze chills instantly in cold water to ease pain fast. Its compact stationary design encourages early motor skills development without frustration.</P><P>Stainless steel disk satisfies babies' craving for cold, smooth objects. Like a teaspoon with a baby-safe handle, Toofeze is a new twist on an age-old teething remedy – cold metal spoons. Take it to your local engraver to create a unique keepsake shower gift. Recommended for ages 3 mos+</P><P>All-natural food-grade ingredients meet high standards of health and eco-conscious families. Award-winning parenting tool, used and endorsed by pediatricians. Toofeze enables babies to self-satisfy & self-manage their changing teething needs.</P><P><br>Features include:</br><br>- Cool steel disk reduces gum inflammation fast</br><br>- Soft silicone has a smooth surface for firm even counter pressure</br><br>- Textured surface on handle gives a gentle gum massage</br><br>- Disk chills instantly in ice water–Great for travel</br><br>- Handle is never too cold to hold – Easy for small hands to grasp</br><br>- BPA free-Phthalate free-Latex free-Will not harbor bacteria</br><br>- No choking hazards-No worries</br><br>- Dishwasher safe-Sanitize often and completely</br><br>- 100% Food Grade Stainless Steel & Silicone</br><br>- Helps develop hand, eye, mouth coordination</br><br>- Safe for all teething phases, from first signs of teething through 2-year molars</br><br>- Made in China – Safety tested by UAL Labs</br></P><P><br>The Toofeze Teether Mission:</br>To improve lives of babies and their families during one of the most challenging phases of infant development, TEETHING. We strongly believe that Toofeze is hands-down the most effective teething tool on the market today. It is functional & convenient, allowing baby to easily manage their pain independently giving parents the relief they need too!</P>

Product Details

  • Brand: Toofeze
  • Size: Medium
  • Manufacturer: Toofeze
  • Model #: 2012-01
  • UPC #: 094922789808
  • TGBB Code: Toofeze-Baby-Teether-Soother-Green
  • ASIN: B002U2GDLQ
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