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Diaper Guide for Babies with Sensitive Skin.

We will walk you through several steps to finding the best diaper for your babies sensitive skin. Babies with sensitive skin need a little extra TLC when it comes to diapering needs. An important and often overlooked step is to try to figure out what your babies skin is sensitive to. Did you know your babies skin is the largest organ in their body (yours too) if it is irritated there is probably a good reason as to why?

Babies sensitive skin can easily become irritated to things like chemicals and fragrances.

If your baby has sensitive skin a good starting point is looking for diapers that are:
  • Chlorine Free Diapers
  • Fragrance-Free Diapers
  • Free of Sodium Polyacrylate

Why is Chlorine in Diapers?

Chlorine is a super harsh chemical that is used to "bleach" diapers. This is the same harsh chlorine that you may have in your house and use as super strong and harsh cleaning agent.  Residual chemicals from the bleaching process can irritate babies skin.

As more parents are becoming concerned/aware of chlorine in diapers, many diaper manufacturers are offering a chlorine-free diaper alternative.

Can a Fragrance Irritate My Babies Skin?

Any fragrance that is not naturally occurring is made from some type of "chemical soup". While most babies won't be affected, babies with sensitive skin can easily react to one or more chemicals used to make the fragrance. The reaction can come in the form of a rash or general discomfort and irritation.

What is Sodium Acrylate, and Why is it in Diapers?

Sodium Acrylate is a super absorbent chemical. It is a polymer. It is used in diapers to absorb babies urine and keep it (the wetness) away from babies skin. The problem is that it is so good at what it does that it can actually dry out your babies skin.

Diapers that do not contain Sodium Acrylate, Chlorine or Fragrance and are a great option for babies with sensitive skin include:

Your baby may have an allergy to an ingredient found in your diaper.

Two common allergens that can be found in diapers are:
  • Latex, Latex helps diapers stretch, and while today most diapers are latex free it is still best practice to always check the packaging.
  • Gluten, Yes, we are talking about the same kind of gluten found in your favorite baked goods.  If you know or suspect that your baby has a gluten allergy or sensitivity there are diaper brands that are 100% gluten-free.

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