by Guy Turck 

March 19, 2020

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Car Seat Compatibility

Car Seats That Are Compatible With Baby Trend Sit And Stand Strollers.

The following are car seats compatible with  Baby Trend Sit And Stand Strollers.

Be sure to look at what model Baby Trend Sit N' Stand stroller you are purchasing as the car seats listed will only work with certain model numbers. Also while some car seats may work in the front of the stroller that same car seat might not work in the back seat of the stroller.

We will break down which combo of infant car seat will work with your model of Baby Trend Sit N' Stand below.

To find the model number of your Sit N' Stand stroller look for the white sticker usually on the underside of the stroller. The model number should be clearly listed. There are two main styles of one will start with SS66xxx, and the other will start with SS76xxx. Determine which main style your stroller is.


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If your Baby Trend Sit N' Stand model starts with SS76xxx or SS77xxx the following infant car seat combinations will work:

If your Baby Trend Sit N' Stand model starts with SS66xxx or SS67xxx the following infant car seat combinations will work:

* Keep in mind while most of the infant car seats listed above will only fit in the rear seat, your toddler or older child will usually be in the front seat/position.

Infant car seats that will fit in both the front and the rear positions of the Sit N Stand (perfect for twins) are the:

Infant car seat brands that are currently not compatible with the Baby Trend Sit N' Stand include:

The infant car seat brands listed below currently are not compatible with the Baby Trend Sit N' Stand. A good alternative as you can see below would be the Joovy Caboose line.

* The above listed brands currently will not work with either the SS66xxx or the SS76xxx Sit N' Stand models, but we have listed alternatives to the Baby Trend Sit N' Stand that may work with your brand of infant car seat.

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If your not seeing the brand of bottle you where planning on using with your pump please comment below.  

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