The Best Baby Bottles 2022 for Any Feeding Style

By Kristie Turck •  Updated: 01/04/21 •  6 min read


What are the best baby bottles in 2022?

To determine the best baby bottles for your baby we will take a closer look at bottle features and adaptability.
This will help you decide what features matter the most for your specific circumstances.
best baby bottles 2022

Features to consider when shopping for baby bottles:


Easy to read measurement markings.

This is especially important if you are using baby formula and mixing it in the bottle. Also, if you pumping and want to keep track of how many ounces you producing and your baby is drinking. Below is the Comotomo Bottle which is made of clear silicone and has easy-to-read measurements. 

Comotomo Bottle Measurement marking

Comotomo Bottle Ounce and Milliliter Measurement markings


Bottles options include plastics, stainless steel, glass, and silicone. We prefer glass or silicone. Glass bottles don’t leach chemicals like most plastic bottles, but are on the heavier side. Silicone is a synthetic rubber made from natural elements.
Lighter than glass and non-breakable. With silicone be sure to choose a food-safe silicone bottle. Stainless steel bottles are lightweight and often double-walled for insulation. But stainless steel has drawbacks. You can’t see how much fluid is inside them without opening the top. Often the measurement lines are can also be tricky to read. Plastic bottles are lightweight but plastic can leach chemicals. This is a tricky one, and our advice is to not buy any cheap, cute inexpensive bottles. Instead, stick to the name brands that test their baby products. Health Canada has a helpful cookware resource to learn more about bottle materials. 


Easy to read nipples.  

Yep, those little bottle nipples have numbers on them to state the nipples flow level. There are usually 3-4 different flow levels. From newborn to baby bottle expert. Usually, the flow rate number is located at the base of the nipple where it would line up with the bottle collar. But, each brand is different. For example, Comotomo nipple levels can be determined by looking at how many holes are in the nipple. One hole is beginner, two holes intermediate, and so on.  I was not the best at organizing bottle parts when we had a baby. I had a drawer that was just for bottle nipples and in the middle of the night when your looking for a certain flow of nipple its a bonus to quickly be able to determine the nipple flows levels. 

Does not leak.

Most bottles won’t usually leak, except for an occasional ill-designed bottle. So what does make bottles leak? Over-tightening the bottle collar will make a bottle leak. Also, using the wrong flow can cause a bottle to leak. Keep in mind, nipples get worn out, you need to replace them every so often.

Easy to clean.

There are some bottles that have an accessive amount of parts. Some for good reason, like the whole anti-colic system in a Dr. Browns bottle. 

As few parts as possible.

The more parts and pieces the more there is to clean and sterilize. An excessive amount of parts is also hard to keep track of.

Grow with baby.

Several clever brands have designed bottles that can turn into sippy cups. Grow with baby products are better for the environment and are often less expensive.
Who knew something as simple as a baby bottle could be so complex! 

Best Baby Bottles

Our favorite baby bottle options are listed below. We have also included tips and tricks for helping make sure you pick the best baby bottle for your baby!
Babies have big personalities and boy, can they be picky. Be patient. We are confident you will be able to find one that works for you and your baby.
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Our favorite alternative to plastic baby bottles is these lightweight silicone bottles.
Comotomo bottles have a wide opening making them easy to clean and dishwasher safe.  Babies love the nipples and textural feel of these bottles.  
The wide opening makes it easy to pour breastmilk or formula.
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Philips Avent:

Philips Avent baby bottles have been around for decades and have seen many changes in design.  The current Avent bottle has a sleek look and is available in both plastic and glass options. Pumping moms can buy a breast pump adapter ( click here to find out which one you will need ).
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Lifefactory baby bottles use top-of-the-line materials sourced from the USA and Europe.
These tempered glass bottles can go from the freezer to boiling water. Even with the silicone sleeve on the bottle. Another cool feature is that you can turn the bottles into sippy cups.  Furthermore, you can continue to use these with a solid cap lid for juices, drinks, and snacks!  The nipple is a common regular neck size.
Our Pick for Glass Bottles
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Evenflo Baby:

​Evenflo baby bottles are among the most affordable brand of bottles.  You can buy Evenflo bottles pretty much anywhere. Making it easy to get replacement parts or upgrade your baby to a faster nipple.  
Evenflo bottles come in plastic or glass. Of course, we prefer the glass option (made in Mexico).  Both the plastic and glass bottles are interchangeable, so you can mix and match.  There are special covers you can buy to avoid breakage.  


The Boon NURSH reusable bottle has a silicone pouch that collapses as your baby drinks.  This anti-colic baby bottle is a favorite among breastfeeding moms.
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Other Considerations:

Before buying a bottle ask yourself:

Pumping Moms, do you want to pump into the bottles?

Are your baby bottles compatible with your pump, check here?  Or click here to see which breast milk storage bags are compatible with your breast pump?

What if my baby ends up not like the baby bottles?

Most likely your infant does not like the nipple, not the actual bottle itself. Use the Baby Bottle/ Nipple Compatibility Chart to find other compatible nipple brands.  This is a quick, cost-effective way to keep your current baby bottles.
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