Learn what type of Breast Pumping options exist and which is best for your needs.

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Which Breast Pump Is Best For Me?

Breast pump options include a manual breast pump, single breast pump and a double breast pump. Here we will compare the different breast pump options.

  1. Manual Breast Pumps These pumps are perfect for the occasional pumper. If you may need to pump a bottle once a day or every blue moon this pump is for you. This style pump is small, lightweight and easy to transport in any diaper bag. A good option is to purchase a 100% silicone breast pump. We recommend the NatureBond Silicone Manual Pump made of 100% food grade silicone it is easy to use and comes with a storage pouch, and is dishwasher safe as well as it can be boiled to sterilize. While the pump does come with a lid, we recommend pouring your fresh pumped milk into a baby bottle with a solid cap for safe transport.
  2. Single Breast Pumps Single breast pumps are a good option for moms that are part-time pumpers. If you need to pump once or twice a day this may be the option for you. The downside with a single pump is that you can only empty one breast at a time. If your having a hard time choosing between a single or double breast pump we would advise to go with the double. The price difference between a single or double is in general not that big of a difference.
  3. Double Breast Pumps Double breast pumps are perfect for anyone that needs to pump daily or is planning on returning to work. Be aware that not all double pumps are the same. A good thing to look for is a hospital grade double breast pump. The motors on these are designed to have maximum suction enabling you to pump at peak efficiency.

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