Medela Breast Pump Comparison Chart

Medela Breast Pump Comparison Chart: Choose the Best Medela Breast Pump for Your Needs.

Our Medela Breast Pump chart allows you to easily compare breast pumps, for example if your looking for a Medela double breast pump that comes with a car charger and a bag the Medela Pump In Style would be a good choice.

If you are not sure what type of breast pump you need for example manual vs electric then read this first Different Types of Breast Pumps.

Medela Breast Pump Options to Consider Include:

  • Type of Breast pump (double, single, and manual)
  • How heavy is the pump
  • Does it come with a car charge
  • Does it come with a tote bag or backpack
  • Power source. Is it electric, battery operated or both?
Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump Yes No Yes No No No Under 1 Pound No tote or carry case provided.
Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump No Yes No Yes Yes- 2 hours pump time with 8 AA batteries. Yes- 9 Volt Charger sold separately Here

If manufactuered prior to Jan. 2008 then use the 12 volt car adapter sold separately Here.
8 pounds including all parts On The Go Tote or Backpack Options
Medela Freestyle Breast Pump No Yes No Yes Yes, rechargable lithium battery for 1 hour pump time. Yes, 12 Volt Charger sold separately Here. 5 pounds including all parts Tote Bag
Medela Swing Breast Pump Yes No No Yes Yes, 4 AA batteries No 2 pounds including all parts Drawstinrg Bag
Medela Sonata Smart Breast Pump No Yes No Yes, Rechargeable Lithium Battery Yes, rechargable lithium battery for 1 hour pump time. No 7 pounds including all parts Carry Bag

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