How To Use Spectra Breast Pump with Comotomo Baby Bottles

How To Use Spectra Breast Pump with Comotomo Baby Bottles

Good news! Now you can easily pump right into your Comotomo baby bottles with your Spectra breast pump with these breast pump adapters.

UPDATE 2019 You can still use the below method, but now there is an even easier way with just one adapter required.

Check out THIS Papablic Adapter on Amazon!

All you will need is two breast pump / baby bottle adapters to make this happen.

  1. Screw the "Papablic Adapter ( Allows Medela Breastshield to work with Comotomo Feeding Bottle)" onto your Comotomo baby bottles. There will be two adapters so double pumping Moms will be happy for sure!
  2. Screw the "Papablic Adapter (Allows Wide-Mouth Flange to work with Standard Neck Bottle)" onto the top of the other adapter. Basically stacking the two adapters on top of each other. There are four adapters prodvided in one box.
  3. This will now allow for your Spectra S1 or S2 flanges to screw perfectly onto the adapters.
  4. Start pumping!

Be sure to purchase the following two adapters and you will be pumping into your Comotomo bottles in no time.


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