Currently Comotomo Baby Bottles are not compatible with any breast pumps, not even with the use of adaptors. Hopefully in the near future Comotomo will make adaptors to work with popular pumps like Spectra and Medela. In the meantime here are tips on how to pump your breast milk and use Comotomo baby bottles for breastfeeding moms.

Comotomo Baby Bottle Breast Pump Tips:

  • If worried about using the plastic bottles provided with your pump, you can pump into the bottles and poor and store your breast milk in GLASS MASON JARS which are freezable and use later with your Comotomo baby bottles.
  • Purchase extra rings and caps for your Comotomo bottles HERE, for storing fresh breastmilk directly in the Comotomo bottles. It is always a good idea to have some extra rings and caps on hand.
  • Many moms prefer storing breast milk in Breast Milk Storage Bags, because they take up less space in freezers than other container solutions. If you opt to use breast milk storage bags you can then simple poor your breastmilk into your Comotomo baby bottles.
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