Comotomo Bottle Breast Pump Compatibility Guide

By Kristie Turck •  Updated: 03/24/20 •  2 min read

comotomo breast pump

Comotomo Breast Pump Adapters

Here are the Comotomo breast pump adapters you will need so that you can pump directly into your Comotomo bottles.

Currently, Comotomo Bottles are compatible with Medela and Ameda Breast Pumps using THIS adapter.

You can also use Comotomo bottles with your Spectra breast pump read THIS to learn how.

Here is a link to our complete Breast Pump Baby Bottle Compatibility Chart.

In addition here are some helpful tips on how to pump your breast milk and use Comotomo baby bottles for pumping moms.

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Comotomo Bottle Breast Pump Tips:

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