Reduce Risk of SIDS with Finnish Baby Box

By Kristie Turck •  Updated: 06/15/16 •  3 min read

Reduce SIDS with Baby Box

Studies have found that Finland has one of the lowest rates of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and using a baby box may be the reason.

baby-box-infant-mortality-cdc The BBC reported about how baby boxes can help prevent accidental suffocation due to co-sleeping.  Recently we were introduced to the Finnish Baby Box company, a company conceived from the tradition in Finland where every new mom receives a baby box filled with all of the essentials for baby’s first year.

The baby box contains among other things a small firm mattress that fits snugly inside the box, transforming it into a bassinet or co-sleeper. Parents use the baby box next to their bed for easy nighttime feedings as well as throughout their house during the day since it is light enough to carry into any room, keeping your baby always nearby.

The box is carefully constructed of virgin fiber sourced from European trees.  Additionally, the glue used to construct the box is made from wheat, corn, or potato starch,  and the paint is water-soluble.  The well-ventilated baby box is designed to be big enough for babies to securely sleep for their first 4-6 months.

Beyond the box itself, which we think is the coolest part, there are countless carefully chosen items for babies 1st year.  When you order your Finnish Baby Box you can choose if you prefer a gender-neutral box or one designed for girls or boys.  The Finnish Baby Box company will also ask you several questions such as what time of year your baby will be born and questions about the climate where you reside.  This allows them to handpick the best items for your baby’s environment.

Here is the list of what is in the baby box:What comes with Baby Box

Finnish Box Company Owners

3 Finnish fathers that own Finnish Box Company

We have a hunch that soon babies throughout the United States will be sleeping soundly in their own special baby box. By the way you can use the box to store its contents for future babies to use, or a favorite among European parents is to then use the box as a beautiful toy box.

Get Yours:

Finnish Baby Box Company  Free shipping is provided, be sure to order early as shipping times can take 2 weeks to reach the United States.  The Finnish Baby Box Company ships worldwide.

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