Nap Mat Buyers Guide

By Kristie Turck •  Updated: 03/27/20 •  2 min read


Choose the best nap mat for your toddler.

Our guide will show you important things to consider when purchasing your child’s nap mat.

The nap mats in the comparison chart below are all-in-one nap mats.

All-in-one nap mats include a padded underside, attached blanket and most come with a pillow or pillowcase.

Things to consider when buying a nap mat:

  1. Thickness. This is important because many daycares and preschools require a certain thickness.
  2. Size.  The overall size of the nap mat.
  3. Machine Washable.  For easy cleaning at home.
  4. How it can be stored.
  5. If a pillow is included and if it is removable for easy washing.

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Nap Mat BrandThickness & SizeMaterialPillowMachine WashableStorage and Carry CaseAvailable At
SoHo Nap Mats 2" thick, 50" long and 20" wideCotton and PolyesterYes RemovableYesRolls up with fastening strapsAmazon
My First Mattress Nap Mat 1" thick, 41"long and 19" wideMicrofiber Cover Memory FoamYes, Not RemovableYesRolls Up Velcro ClosureAmazon
Wildkin Olive Garden Nap Mat 2" thick, 50" long and 20" wideCotton/PolyesterYes RemoveableYesRolls Up Velcro ClosureAmazon
Lambs & Ivy Nap Mat 1/3" thick, 46" long x 22" wideCotton/PolyesterYes, Not RemoveableYesRolls Up Velcro Closure has a handleAmazon
Baby Boom Nap Mat 1/3" thick, 46" long x 21" wide100% PolyesterYes, Not RemoveableYesRolls Up Velcro Closure has a handleAmazon
Stephen Joseph Nap Mat 3/4" thick, 43" long x 24" widePolyesterYes, RemoveableYesRolls Up and has back strapsAmazon
Ozark Mountian Kids Nap Mat 2 1/2" thick, 50" long x 21" wideCotton/PolyesterYes, Not RemoveableYesRolls Up Velcro Straps and shoulder strapAmazon
TinyTweets Nap Matstinytweets Nap-Mat3/4" thick, 45" long x 21" wideCotton/PolyesterPillow Case included, pillow not providedYesFolds Up has a handleEtsy
AwesomeBebe Nap Mats1/2" thick, 45" long x 31" wideCottonYes, RemoveableYesFolds Up has a handleEtsy
JJ Cole Nap Mat 1" thick, 46" long x 21" wideCotton/PolyesterYes, RemoveableYesRolls Up has a handleAmazon
Wake In Cloud 2" thick, 55" long x 20" wide100% cotton with soft microfiber inner fillYes RemoveableYesRolls Up Velcro Closure has a handleAmazon
JumpOff Jo 2" thick, 43" long and 21" wideCotton/ PolyesterYes RemoveableYesRolled up and secured with hook & loop tape fasteners has a handleAmazon
GreenAra Organic Nap Mats 1 1/2" Thick, 50" long x 20" wideOrganic CottonYes, RemovableYesRolls Up Velcro Closure and can attach to cotsAmazon

Check with your child’s daycare or preschool before purchasing a nap mat. 

Daycares may be required under state law to only allow for certain types of nap mats.

Or the daycare may have its own policies.

Once you know what their requirements are you will have an easier time choosing the best brand of nap mat for your child.