Safe Sunscreens for Kids, Top 4 Picks!

By Kristie Turck •  Updated: 06/01/16 •  2 min read

safe kids sunscreen top 4 picks

Safe Sunscreens for Kids our Top 4 Picks! Choosing a sunscreen that is safe, effective, easy to apply, and that your kids will actually wear can be a  process.  Over the years we have purchased countless bottles of sunscreen, only to be disappointed by how ineffective they were in protecting against harmful rays.  Fortunately, several savvy sunscreen manufactures have mastered the art of creating safe and effective sunscreens.

Listed below are our Top 4 sunscreen picks which just might become your family favorites too.

To make the cut these sunscreens will have:

Safe Sunscreens for Kids, Our Top 4 Picks!

Babo Botanicals SPF 30 Clear Zinc Lotion:   If you or your children have sensitive skin this is the sunscreen for you.  It is made for sensitive skin, contains zero soy, wheat, walnuts, just to name a few.  This is a great everyday sunscreen, but for water enthusiasts, you will want to pick a different brand, as Babo does not state if the sunscreen is water-resistant.

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Badger has been around for years and they have perfected a sunscreen that works for babies as well as adults.  The base of the sunscreen is made from certified organic materials including Sunflower Oil, Beeswax & Vitamin E.  This sunscreen will hold up to water sports for up to 40 min.

***Keep in mind that rubbing with a towel or sand may remove your sunscreen from your skin.  Reapply often and stay hydrated.  🙂

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