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Best Bottles for Medela Breast Pumps

best baby bottles to use with Medela breast pump

Medela Breast Pumps will fit the following baby bottles:

If your looking for the best bottles for Medela breast pumps you'll want to consider a few factors:

  • Will you be using the bottles to pump directly from your Medela pump all the time or will you use a combination of pumping directly into bottles and milk bags? This will help determine how many bottles your may need and how many milk bags to have on hand.
  • Have you tried different bottles with your baby? Is there a certain type of nipple that they prefer? If you and your baby already have a bottle that you like there is most likely an adapter that will allow you to pump from your Medela into your favorite bottle. If you don't see your bottle listed, leave a comment below and we will try to help you find one. 🙂
  • You have not used a bottle with your baby yet. You might want to only purchase a few different types of bottles that are compatible with your Medela, at first and see which one your baby likes best.  Hang in there, getting a baby to take a bottle can be tough at first.  

Medela Breast Pumps usually can be made to be compatible with most breast pumps.

The list below to find what will work for your bottle pump combo.


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If your not seeing the brand of bottle you where planning on using with your pump please comment below.  

Not Plastic Baby Bottles, Our Top 4 Picks

not plastic baby bottles, alternative to plastics

Are you considering using plastic-free baby bottles? Many parents are switching to safe non-plastic alternatives. Here we will discuss the best not plastic baby bottles options.

First lets go over the basics.

Reasons for choosing not plastic baby bottles include:

  • Health concerns with BPA and other chemicals that can leach from the plastic baby bottle into your babies food.  
  • Also alternative to plastic are better option for the environment.
  • Ease of heating tempered glass or medical grade silicone compared to possibly melting the plastic bottles​.

Alternatives to Plastic Baby Bottles.

Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of each option. 

Glass Baby Bottles:

Pros: Glass bottles wont leak toxins into your babies food, and tempered glass can be warmed easily. 

Cons: Glass is heavy, and if you find a glass baby bottle that is not heavy it may be because it is not tempered glass and could break easily. 

Stainless Steel Baby Bottles:

Pros: This is a lightweight alternative to plastic baby bottles. Look for stainless steel bottles made from 18/8 stainless steel. Preferably double walled  (insulated) to keep liquids cold or warm. 

Cons: Sometimes the taste of steel is apparent and while you can use stainless steel bottles for breast milk and formula sometimes there is a strange aftertaste if the bottles are not thoroughly scrubbed before using them for other liquids like water. 

Silicone Baby Bottles: 

Pros: Super lightweight yet durable. Have a good feel that babies and toddlers tend to enjoy. Silicone is a non-toxic polymer made of silica (sand). 

Cons: It used to be silicone bottles where hard to find. Now there seems to be plenty of options.  Consider only going with reputable companies the 3rd party test their bottles for quality and safety standards.


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take action after clicking one of these.

Top 4 Not Plastic Baby Bottles

  • Boon Nursh Silicone Pouch Baby Bottles: Boon just recently came out with these super neat bottles.  The Boon baby bottle focuses on air free feeding, so perfect for keeping gas and colic to a minimum.  As with other silicone baby bottles these are lightweight and dishwasher safe.
  • Comotomo Silicone Baby BottlesThis baby bottle also made our Top 5 Best Baby Bottles list and for a good reason.  It is easy to pour formula or breast milk into, its lightweight, dishwasher safe and babies tend to LOVE this bottle!  Silicone is composed primarily of silica (sand) and is categorized as a rubber. Here is a link to an article from Life Without Plastic to learn more.    If you are a Spectra pumping mom here is a article we wrote about how to pump right from your breast pump into your Comotomo baby bottles.​
  • Olababy Gentle Baby Bottle While this bottle is very similar to the Comotomo, some parents prefer this bottle because of the off-centered nipple and feel that mimics a natural breast more than the Comotomo.  Honestly, this just really depends on what your baby prefers.  As with the two silicone bottles listed above, this bottle is super lightweight, easy to use and clean.
  • Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles:  Lifefactory still remains our top choice for glass baby bottles.  These bottles come with the silicone sleeve already attached, so there is no need to remove it.  These bottles are also safe to pump right into, freeze and heat in warm water.

Further Topics of Interest:

    Best Baby Bottles of 2020  (yes, several of the bottles in this article are listed here as well, like Comotomo which we just can't say enough about) My Plastic Free Life, this is a link to Beth Terry's website that contains useful information on transitioning away from plastics.

Medela Breast Pump Comparison Guide

Medela breast pump comparison

Medela Breast Pump Comparison Chart: Choose the Best Medela Breast Pump for Your Needs.

Our Medela Breast Pump comparison chart allows you to easily compare breast pumps, for example if your looking for a Medela double breast pump that comes with a car charger and a bag the Medela Pump In Style would be a good choice.

If you are not sure what type of breast pump you need for example manual vs electric then read this first Different Types of Breast Pumps.

Medela Breast Pump Options to Consider Include:


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take action after clicking one of these.

Medela PumpSingle Breast PumpDouble Breast PumpManual Breast PumpElectric Breast PumpBattery OptionCompatible Car ChargerBreast Pump Weight Pump Bag Included

Medela Harmony Manual Pump

YesNoYesNoNoNoUnder 1 PoundNo
Medela Pump In Style Advanced PumpNoYesNoYesYes - Battery pack lets you pump anywhere, anytime (8 AA batteries not included)Yes - 9 Volt Charger Sold separately Here. * If manufactured prior to Jan 2008 use the 12 volt car adapter sold Here On-the-Go Tote: 9 lbs. Backpack: 9 lbs The Metro Bag: 8 lbs.Available in three bag styles: On-the-go Tote, Backpack and The Metro Bag
Medela Freestyle Breast PumpNoYesNoYesRechargeable battery, compact and lightweight motor: Convenient pumping anywhere, anytime for true mobility. 3-hour battery life between chargesYes, 12 volt charger sold separately Here.Unit weight: <1.0lbs. (breast pump only)1 - Portable microfiber carry bag
Medela Swing Breast PumpYesNoNoYesYes 4 AA Lithium batteriesNoUnit weight: 2.5 lbs.Drawstring bag
Medela Sonata Smart Breast PumpNoYesNoYes, Rechargeable Lithium BatteryYes, Rechargeable Lithium Battery for 1 hour pump timeNo7 pounds including all partsCarry bag
Medela Freestyle FlexNoYesNo YesYes - 2-hour battery life between chargesBuilt-in, USB-chargeable* battery for convenient pumping anywhere you are: 2-hour battery life between charges *Only use the power adapter and cable that comes with the breast pump.Unit weight: <1.0lbs. (breast pump only)Portable microfiber carry bag designed specifically for your Freestyle Flex Breast Pump parts: Provides convenient transportation and organization
Symphony Breast PumpYesYesNoYesNoNoUnit Weight: 7.05 lbsNo
Symphony PlusYesYesNoYesNoSymphony Vehicle Lighter AdaptorUnit Weight: 7.05 lbs No

If your not seeing the brand of bottle you where planning on using with your pump please comment below.